Story | American Soldier 2018


American Soldier, Jack Forester and his buddy Gordo Sorano head off on an adventure to find a forgotten treasure in the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. Accompanied by his mine sniffing canine companion, Boomer. Unfortunately for the two friends, their parachutes give away their presence and a couple of local Afghan Taliban who hate Americans. Now these two Taliban are looking to find the Americans.

Jack and Gordo wind up finding the cave but their joy is short lived when one of the men following them accidentally sets off a mine causing an enormous explosion that wounds Jack and Salaam, and kills Gordo and Salaams friend, Jangul Safi. Now Jack and Salaam need to set aside their differences to survive and find their way to safety. In a nation torn apart by war, and with its own native dangers outside of that, the threat of something terrible happening is very real.

Fortunately the pair manage to safely navigate to a village where they are able to find the medical attention they need from an Afghan Hindu nurse Rita Kapoor. Rita's gentle care sparks an interest in the currently blind Jack. Meanwhile, a local drug lord has learned that the village is harboring an American. Unwilling to allow an infidel to remain unchallenged in his territory he sets out to find him and kill him and those helping him. The scouts looking for signs are noticed by the villagers who warn Jack and his new friends of the impending danger.

Jack and our heroes take off into the Tora Bora territory in an attempt to get across in Pakistan and out of range of the drug lord. With only a two day head start, the wounded friends and their caravan use every trick they can to stay ahead of the curve and stay alive. Unfortunately its not enough, and they are taken captive. Jack and Salaam are separated from everyone else. They escape and now the two of them must head back out to find the women they love. In a desperate attempt to save the people they care about they race against time through a dangerous land, hopefully before its too late.

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